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time to show off

Now got a game i can show off with some of the game done. It took longer to get to this stage, mainly because I decided to rework one part of the code so it is a lot more stable and easier to modify. This is one of the advantages of working on your own game as its likely companies would be against anything adding to the release schedule.

So next step is finishing the art design doc and to create an advertisment to put up in the local universites. (you will see in the screen shots why an artist is really needed). I’ve also been looking into different ways of advertising and possible other ways to make money from the app. Once the game is entering the polish stage I plan to go round the local games companies that do iphone games and see if any wish to buy the game off me. This could mean an instant cash sum as soon as it’s finished instead of small trickiling payments over the months. The main disadvantage of this is if the app really takes off then i will be losing the profit but could mean I would be in good standing with that company and be able to do future buisness deals or even get a full time job there.

Another idea is to try and get a kind of weekly article going discussing some of the items going on in the game development world. This has the potential to being quite big and could get my name out into the game development network which would be very good for future job prospects. The only thing is it could cost time and resources out of my schedule but it could be quite fun to do. I think i will do one or two at first and see if it will be viable to continue.


More delays

another job interview plus travel stuff has altered schedule again. but feel a lot more confident about things now. however begining to worry that blogs and facebook advertising isn’t working (to get views people need to know the sites exist in a sea of a million sites.) there are two things i can do.
first to add a new thing to the blogs such as reviews, some kind of video or service. i have one idea but again it will need to get noticed in some way.
the second is to create a kind of network for people who have created apps like me and create a kind of free advertising space. the idea being that anyone going to those sites would then be directed to other projects on the network.this will create a kind of free advertising and will hopefully benifit everyone. i feel this is a great idea with the only problem being locating other projects going through the same issues. i’m hoping i can also get some gaming sites to do an advert on it and thus give a link to the network and create instant awareness. going to contemplate it a bit and see what could be done.
as for the project cocos2d seems to be working great for me so will hopefully have something to show soon.

need an artist

well inital framework of the game grid is done but i’m not liking the art that i did for it. to be successful on the app store you must either:

  1. have a groundbreaking new game
  2. have a lot of marketing
  3. or have eyecatching art for the store page

i think number 3 is my best bet to try and get downloads and although it will cut into my profits a bit it will hopefully get more sales to cover it. so tomorrow going to go round some dundee unis and collages to place an ad for a student to create some artwork for the game. so tonight a detailed document of art restrictions and requirements. there is little art needed but what is there needs to look spectacular. this will hopefully give me experience if i need to get contract work done later. for future projects going to just do sketches of how i want the graphics laid out and get an artist right at the start to save time. if i can’t get a local artist may have to go onto online contract sites but prefer to be able to meet face to face to solve any issues.

in other news got a new logo so will hopefully have the blogs looking a bit more professional. thanks to jen for the brilliant image

Intial Design

A surprise job interview on Monday through my schedule a bit out of whack but
getting back on track now. The initial design doc of the game is done with the
basics of the game and will likely be added to till end of project (or until a
set date before end to avoid feature creep).I think it’s going to take a while
getting use to the cocoa syntax and I am considering on doing my own engine
instead as i would be able to code in c++ which is where my main coding strength
lies (have been using it for over 6 years now).
But will only go to those
steps if extreme difficulties are met.

So it’s time to get started on my first self published (and if it achieves over
a certain number of downloads not my last) iPhone Game App. So first step is to
plan the development process and create a design doc i can reference and show
what I’m working on. to start is how I’m going to approach creating the engine
or if i should use an existing one. the most likely candidate would be using
Cocoa, a free to use 2D engine.
The benefits of this are:

  • have a fully working system from day one.
  • Cuts down development time drastically
  • possible additional advertising from the cocoa site and forums.

I’m going to spend the first week getting to grips with it and
see if it is viable to use for the game. in between this I’ll also be writing
the design document and a full project plan (what’s needed for the game and time
More later

Hello there and welcome to the blog for Shoe Demon Games
(we will steal your soles :3).
so first a little info. My Name is Neil MacVicar and i’m
a computer games proggramer, mainly for iOS. I’ve been working in the industry
and thought i’d try a solo project.
My hopes are to create an engine for the creation of
point and click games that be used with the iphone and possibly other handheld
devices (android and windows phone 7). However before doing this i thought it
would be best to test the market by creating a simple game and publishing onto
the app store. Should this sell above a set amount i’ll begin the creation of a
full buisness and begin the creation of the point and click game
i’ll be document my progress all the way from start to
finish via a blog. if you’re are intrested or have any suggestions please leave
a comment.
Next step: The Game Idea